How flexible are your pumps?

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Here are 3 VA50 2-inch air-operated double diaphragm pumps that have been frame-mounted with an air filter regulator and valve. The pumps themselves are being shipped to one of our best customers who service onsite and offsite oil and gas facilities. the pumps will handle seawater containing oil and gritty parts.

Why is that important to know?

These pumps offer the most flexible solution for our customers:

  • Portable - They can be moved around a site by trolley or forklift
  • Power - They require just a compressed air supply to operate
  • More fluids - The materials can be specified to handle almost any chemical or abrasive slurry
  • Compliance - Any industrial, hygienic or ATEX zone

What are the outcomes?

Reduction in energy, cost and maintenance

These pumps have just been solved, but from previous customers from similar sites in Aberdeen, we found them to handle the corrosive and abrasive fluid very well. The working principle of the pump is ideal for this type of fluid and application, chiefly as the gritty, oily fluid can easily move through the flow path, self-prime from sumps or IBC containers and run dry for periods without damage.

The efficiency of the air valve also reduces the cost of compressed air and energy in relation to many other competitor models. this means the pump does not require as many reciprocating strokes and will have less wear, such as mechanical fatigue in diaphragms and erosion wear in the ball valve assemblies. Less wear means a much-reduced cost of spare parts and maintenance labour., reducing the total cost of ownership of the pump price, operating and maintenance cost.