A pump that starts where others stop

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Here are 6 Verderhus pumps destined for Romania to be installed at an Alumina plant to handle surface run-off and effluent containing fine solids. These pumps were purchased following the successful installation of Verderhus pumps the previous year.

They are exceptional at handling viscous slurry, which conventional centrifugal pumps would struggle to handle due to the S.G., viscosity and abrasive particles.

Part centrifugal pump - Part positive displacement pump

The Verderhus range of screw channel pumps utilizes a special impeller to handle viscosities of up to 3000cps. This means that where standard centrifugal pumps will find their upper limit at handling fluids of 250-300cps, the Verderhus starts.

  • This means it can handle fluids normally employing a centrifugal pump
  • The pump uses less energy than a PD pump with a much larger flow rate

In addition to this, the Verderhus can handle both find solids and larger solids of up to 160mm dia! 

The Verderhus has been able to solve pumping issues in a range of industries thanks to its ability to handle abrasive, viscous fluids

  • Abattoirs
  • Anaerobic digestion and food waste processing
  • Sewage handling & lime treatment chemical
  • Quarries
  • Processing of industrial effluent such as leachate with grit
  • Lubricant and oils manufacturing
  • Food manufacturing